Between recording new music for his upcoming album, Views From The 6, performing, and basically hosting the NBA's All-Star Weekend, Drake has been an especially busy guy lately. Recently, the OVO boss found himself in London to perform the hit single "Work" alongside Rihanna at the Brit Awards. With a little bit of downtime on his hands after the fact, Drizzy hit the streets, showing up at a Section Boyz show, and last night, performing a mini-set of music at local nightclub.

Drake took over the Libertine in the posh Mayfair district of London and launched into a DJ set before grabbing the microphone and running through some of his biggest hits like "Jumpman" and his Meek Mill diss track "Back to Back." Naturally, the audience captured quite a good chunk of the show and you can check out some of the audience footage below. 


Great night with Drake! #libertine #drake

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Soo about tonight #hellodrake

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Jump man, Jump man #drizzy #drake #libertine #rollsafe #hootchies

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What a surprise #drake joined us last night again at#libertineclub #libertine 😂💥🔥🙈

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Drake in the house. #london #drake #libertine

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Just your typical night out with Drake dropping by for a jol🔥🍾 @champagnepapi

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So, this happened last night #drakeee

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Bae came to see me for my birthday! Love you more boo💘 #mylifeiscomplete

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Drake 🍾🍾🍾

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When SoundCloud Doesn't Work on Your Phone, So 🍾 Papi Performs #DrizzyToTheRescue

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