Drake and French Montana Share Their '10 Snipe Commandments'

Drake and French Montana have created the "10 Snipe Commandments." Wondering what that is? We got you covered.

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Drake and French Montana have a built up a genuine friendship over the last few years, and that's evident inside and outside of the booth. Not only have the two collaborated on a handful of notable records—"Pop That" and "Stay Schemin" immediately come to mind—but Drizzy and Montana have been spotted out together on a number of occasions, whether it be a basketball game, the club, or more recently Montana's birthday party, where the Bronx rapper hinted at a gift he received from the Toronto native called the "10 Snipe Commandments." 

Montana has finally revealed what the "10 Snipe Commandments" gift is, and it turns out it's something Drake wrote up and Montana approved as "rules we live by" when it comes to "splash," a term used for women.

"Thou shall always be honest with his brother about a splash," one commandment reads, while another one states, "Thou shall always provide splash accommodations for a brother within his household." Clearly Drake and Montana take this very seriously, and brotherhood is key: "Thou shall always be honest with his brother about a splash."

Check out the full rundown of the "10 Snipe Commandments" below.


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