Watch Chance the Rapper Play Dodgeball With Chicago's Mascots at Bulls Game

Chance the Rapper attended the Chicago Bulls game Friday night where he participated in some dodgeball during halftime.

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Chance the Rapper was back in his hometown of Chicago Friday night and decided to stop by the Bulls game to catch his team square off against the Cavs in a notable Eastern Conference matchup. While there, Chance participated in a dodgeball game at halftime, with video showing the 23-year-old MC targeting Chi-Town mascots in the building.

He was throwing lasers, though his aim was a little off at the start.

While he didn't hit Cubs mascot Clark, he did get Chicago Sky's Sky Guy, which you can see below.

.@chancetherapper throwing heat at Chicago's mascots is the best thing you'll watch today.
.@chancetherapper playing dodgeball?? during Benny's halftime birthday party

Of course, Chance was playing favorites. 

Sounds about right. You can catch Chance the Rapper as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live Dec. 17.

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