Azealia Banks Is Dissing Rita Ora Because of a Tweet About Jelly Shoes

More Twitter beef for the "212" rapper.

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Azealia Banks is back on Twitter to air out her aimless frustrations at the world, this time lashing out at Rita Ora over the right to wear jelly shoes. Here's what happened.

Yesterday, Ora posted a photo of her jelly shoes on Instagram and said that she was bringing the once-hot footwear item back.

Banks caught wind of the claim then took to Twitter to ravish Ora's credibility, stating that she already "did the jellies last year."

Then came the attacks on Rita's character, specifically her unwieldy sense of thirst and supposed likeness to Rihanna. 

Now, Azealia is on Instagram, posting text messages:

And this photo of Rita being "thirsty" with the aforementioned dancers:

Then, more tweets:

Rita Ora still hasn't responded, but you can bet this won't end well. We'll leave you with that.

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