The Guy Who Produced "Started From The Bottom" Is Rapping Now

Mike Zombie puts out two tracks in one day.

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Mike Zombie has already made his mark in 2013 by producing Drake's new single, "Started From the Bottom." However, joining the ever-growing trend of producers who also double as rappers, Zombie took to his blog today to release a solo track. Titled "Jump On It," the track is hypnotically catchy and yet has a wistful undertone to it. According to Mike, "This song means a lot to me. It's about a girl. This is not to diss her, just to paint a picture."

Not satisfied to put out just one song today, Mike Zombie also released his own freestyle over the beat he produced. He uses the song to explain what starting "from the bottom" means to him, talking about living at his mother's house while his brother was locked up.

[via Zombie on the Track]

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