If Partying With Rihanna Wasn't on Your Bucket List Before, It Will Be After Hearing This Story

You will not believe what happened.

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Rihanna is known to be quite the party animal. But this story from Power 105.1's Charlamagne Tha God takes things to another level. According to Charlamagne, back in 2012 Rihanna met up with him and his crew at a Beverly Hills Hotel and brought them to a party going on "in the hood." Despite the unusual setting, Rihanna felt right at home, and everyone at the party treated her with utmost respect. And then, when the party was over, Rihanna ordered car service for Charlamagne and his friends and paid for the car.

The pop singer's lowkey demeanor at a party where Beanie Sigel was also spotted has earned her the title of being "the realest nigga in the game since 2Pac." 

[via Gawker]

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