Kanye West Responds to Drake's Rolling Stone Interview and Macklemore's Grammy Win During Newark Show

Kanye breaks his silence about the Grammy decisions.

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During the Newark stop of his Yeezus tour, Kanye West has reacted to Drake's recent interview with Rolling Stone. During his rant, Kanye defended Drake, saying that the interview was another attempt from a magazine to divide the two. "We love Drake," Kanye said emphatically. He also gave his opinion about Macklemore's Grammy wins, and while he calls the Seattle native a "good kid," he let the crowd know that his two nominations were not enough.

Kanye tonight: "It's always them magazines trying to pit n****s against one another. That's not happening here tonight. We love Drake."
"We love Drake, we ain't letting that shit happen no more" #YEEZUSTOUR
"Those magazines keep trying to put niggas against each other. We love Drake, we ain't letting that shit happen no more." - Kanye in Newark
“It only cost two fifty to beat yo ass..” — Kanye to Rolling Stone #YeezusTour @TeamKanyeDaily
"Macklemore know what it is, he tried, he made some good music, he's a good kid, but y'all know what it is." Kanye on Grammys #YEEZUSTOUR
"Giving me 2 nominations is like giving a waiter a 2 dollar tip, Macklemore know what it is" #YEEZUSTOUR

Kanye also called out Apple CEO Tim Cook for allegedly asking artists to perform at iTunes Festival for free.

"Hey Tim Cook, stop trying to get artists to play your festival for free. You are rich as fuck." - Kanye

After the rant, Kanye went on to perform one of his biggest hits, "Niggas In Paris." Kim Kardashian shared the moment on Keek.

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