Last night, Kanye West kicked off the second leg of his Yeezus Tour with a show at Penn State. While the biggest news item from the concert was Ye calling out Sway and Charlamagne, Kanye also gave a heartfelt speech to his fans, who he thanked for coming out in the snow. He's released a statement called KANYE WEST THANKS FANS FOR THEIR SUPPORT AT PENN STATE SHOW, which references that speech. Read it below.

I'd like to thank everybody that came out tonight in the snow. I really thank y'all for coming and supporting tonight.

After all these years, you know, of making music…dreaming out loud…dreaming, dreaming out loud…dreaming out loud, standing out in the crowd, standing out in the crowd, still dreaming out loud. Anybody tonight, anybody tonight has a dream? If you believe that you can be anything, put your hands up one time if you believe that you can be anything, if you can be anything

You know people used to say, they used to say I like to talk a lot of shit, but i want to clarify that, in 2014. I ain't talking a whole bunch of shit. I might talk a whole bunch of truth. My truth. I might express myself out loud. Out loud, out loud, out loud…they say it's not allowed, they say it's not allowed…they say i'm way too proud…they say yeezy can you calm down…oh not right now.

You know when I be in the studio, this is exactly how i do. I get in front of the booth, and like, I just freestyle - i don't know if you've ever seen on YouTube, this part of the show will be 20 minutes sometimes.

That's cause I really feel like y'all are my family…like y'all are in the studio with me. I really feel like I can say anything in front of y'all.

I hope I didn't keep y'all too long tonight…playing all these records. Talking all that truth. I couldn't be standing here right now if it wasn't for all of y'all supporting me all these years. Screaming on people on my behalf. Like y'all in my family. Like "don't say shit about Ye!"

I know y'all keep that. I appreciate that. Y'all love me no matter where we go. Y'all don't give a fuck what happen…y'all don't care if I have a red suit on…y'all don't care if I have a kilt on…y'all dont' care if I'm on a motorcycle. "Don't say shit about Ye!" You know what I'm saying?

It's y'all that give this the power. The whole idea behind Yeezus is "Yeez…is…us". It's so when y'all that be in situations when people be trying to hold y'all back, suppress y'all ideas, talk shit when you're at work, whatever…and you just can't say nothing.

So I just took 2013 to try and say everything that couldn't nobody say. I got in trouble, but what's a little trouble, you know what I mean? Everybody's so scared of trouble.

But I'd be more afraid of not having the love of y'all. I'd be more afraid of not giving you everything that I got. I'd be more afraid of turning into one of these people inside of the system that's so scared to do anything. To say anything. And controlled by everything. And they don't believe in anything.

It's like you just can't hold on to nothing no more. You can't believe in nothing. You can't believe in yourself. You dont' stand for something, you fall for everything. You don't stand for nothing, you fall for anything.

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