Brick Squad Might Be Finished as Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka Flame, and Others Trade Twitter Attacks

The cause of the conflict might have to do with the Slim Dunkin murder trial.

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They say that all good things must come to an end, and it looks like the time has come to mark the end of Brick Squad. It has already been a tumultuous year for the label and movement, and today seems to be the culmination of months of attacks and spontaneous Twitter announcements. And of course, the rift amongst members of Brick Squad, most notably between Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka Flame, was aired out publicly using social media.

Things heated up when Gucci distanced himself from the label he created and went on to say "fuck Bricksquad" early this morning. Waka and Gucci then went on to trade indirect shots at one another going at each other's street credibility. Soon enough, Waka's cousin Frenchie jumped into the fray, standing on Waka's side. In the afternoon, things took a sudden turn when Wooh Da Kid, another Waka affiliate, decided to attack OJ Da Juiceman while indirectly taking shots at Gucci.

Gucci returned to Twitter in the evening to offer some more of his thoughts, but this then led into a heated back-and-forth between him and Frenchie, who accused him of stealing money from him and Waka, money that was owed when Gucci signed them to a deal to Warner through the Brick Squad imprint. Gucci's rebuttal was that the money had been taken by his then-manager, Debra Antney, who also happens to be Waka's mother (and by extension, Frenchie's aunt). Gucci claimed that Antney had also stolen money from OJ and even French Montana, another one of her clients at one point.

But what appears to be the real catalyst of this Twitter skirmish amongst former friends and business partners is the death of Brick Squad artist Slim Dunkin. The man accused of Dunkin's death, rapper Young Vito, was acquitted of the murder charge back in February of this year. It seems as though Gucci is now being accused of having paid for Vito's attorney. While it is still unclear as to what the source of this allegation is, Gucci vehemently denies having supported Vito.

It is unclear where things go from here. Waka has claimed in the past that he has a stake in the Brick Squad 1017 label. He also owns a subsidiary called Brick Squad Monopoly. Meanwhile, buzzing artists such as Chief Keef, Young Scooter, and Young Thug are all affected by these events, as all three are supposedly signed to Brick Squad 1017. None of them have commented on the issue; Scooter remains incarcerated.

Expect diss records to fly, with the first salvo coming from Frenchie.

I did not pay for a lawyer for guy who killed slim dunkin. Thats a, lie. I luv dunk.
Fuck bricksquad im. Sucka free. 1017
Self explanation is a form of guilt. I’ve helped many careers along the way, now it’s time too help my team and I. #HopeYouMufuckasReady
I cant rep Bricksquad. Every artist I bought a bricksquad chain. Let a nigga rob them for it. Every chain. Pitiful fux bricksquad
Guwop dont get robbed. All. Bricksquad members been shot. Think abiut it every1 but Ceo
Niggas like #IceCreamCone make the trap look bad #35yearoldKid lol
The Internet is one thing. But the streets know #IceCreamCone got more security then the president #StudioThug
When I met #IceCreamCone he was wearing cowboy boots and clear Jordan’s #Rns
Them Detroit nigga had #IceCreamCone shook ask #Sweets&Trick save to puss ass #StudioThug
@gucci1017 were that Mighty Mouse chain at that shit been San Francisco chilling way before 2chains lost his wallet in the bay
Fuck @OjDaJuiceman32 to you a Bitch Niggah, you was just crying to me about this Niggah. Stand ya grounds pussy Niggah. #Facts
@OjDaJuiceman32 Gucci been treating u like a bitch making songs about u and all. YouLike Smokey To Debo When He come Around lol #Facts
Waka signed to Gucci. Scooter signed To Gucci. Thugg signed to Gucci. Everyone else I don't even want da money back I invested.
@gucci1017 you fucking stole money from us being a lable you fucking snake
@gucci1017 waner Bros gave you the sack for BrickSquad and you blew the money fagot rickross got the same deal for his artis
@gucci1017 you ain't a Boss you a thief WE MAde BRICKSQUAD nigga
@FrenchieBSM I gave. D whole bricksquad advance to deb to split with yall ask Wooh. It got him out of jail. I swear I got not 1 cent
60 k. French montana. Was. Laying in deb bed. Ask. Warner. 60 k advance I took as insult gave to your aunt t. Im rich bitch
Ask french montana. He probaly never had seen 60. My Lil boy 6 yrs old frenchie he can. Wipe his ass. Wut a 60. She stoke 500kfrom oj
Yall. Following. A blind lady. Go get u a, dog or a, flashlight. I bought all dem chains 4 yall. To let a nigga take from yall. Pussy
@gucci1017 that shit hurt my heart to here you payed for that nigga lawyer I never say shit fucked up to you but now enuff is enuff
All. My artist I sign I give 200k or better ask scooter ask waka. All my niggas up
@FrenchieBSM you know I didnt pay 4 lawyer for buddy he a stranger I rock wit gz. U hurt cuz. U hungry and homeless prove I did sum
U aint signed to bricksquad Waka iz trash. What album frenchie drop?
@gucci1017 nigga I just beat my GUN charge they just gave me back my passport I got a show overseas before you pussy you never left the USA
Tomorrow official @gucci1017 diss record dropping on @TRAPAHOLICS new Trap Music mixtape stay tuned #BSM
Atlantic offered 250 to me 4 waka. I fired my lawyer for passing me dat dumb ass message. Honest

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