Not necessarily best known for staunch commitment to his declarations, Gucci Mane has made the executive decision to relieve Waka Flocka Flame of his Brick Squad 1017 post. The reasons for this are still vague, but we have heard that Waka too had a thing for Spring Breakers actress Selena Gomez, whose intimacy with Wop on set had been rumored.

Seemingly unimaginable and hilarious love triangles aside, Gucci's role in the upcoming film elicited not praise, but laughter from Flocka. Perhaps Gucci took his acting debut very seriously and did not want Waka playing Gene Siskel to his performance. No word yet on whether or not the rooster from Waka's 'rari will be dropped from Brick Squad as well. 

Waka responded to the separation with haste and just as much civility, commanding Gucci to do something we'd rather not repeat (later deleting it, leaving only the more gentlemanly of his tweets: "We BSM."), but at least he spelled his former colleague's name correctly.                                                          


Apparently, Waka did not want to spell Gucci's name correctly after all, replacing his original tweet with a less profane one, followed by a couple of comments from others:

Waka claims to be above tweeting beef, but he seems to have no problem with retweeting it.