Interview: Diddy Speaks About Tonight's Revolt TV Launch, the Channel's Origins, and His Hopes for Its Future

Today, Revolt TV is launching on cable. We spoke with Diddy about the channel's origins and the void he hopes to fill in the industry.

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Friday night, we sat down with Diddy in the Bad Boy offices and spoke to the legendary recording artist and entrepreneur to discuss the launch of his latest initiative: Revolt TV.

His plans for the station are ambitious. While marketing his last album, 2010's underrated Last Train to Paris, he found that in order to push his record on the largest possible stage, he ended up going onto network TV shows like Dancing With the Stars and American Idol in order to promote. "There was no number-one place you could go to."

At the same time that he recognized a TRL-sized void in the marketplace, he also noticed that energy and support for music in places like festivals was bigger than ever—and it wasn't even being covered.

Check the above interview for more on his plans for Revolt TV, which launches tonight at 8 p.m. EST.

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