Video: A$AP Rocky Gets His Watch Stolen During Show In London, Fight Breaks Out In Crowd

The fans got his watch back for him, and beat up the guy who stole it.

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This is a wild scene. At a show earlier at the Camden Electric Ballroom in London, A$AP Rocky was performing at the front of the stage with the cordless mic, and someone in the audience stole his $15,000 watch off his wrist. Fans then attempted to find the person who stole it as Rocky tried to point out the culprit from the stage, and eventually, after the house lights went on and a skirmish broke out, the fans got the watch back and returned it to Rocky. He then instructed the crowd to beat up the person who stole the watch from him, and told the DJ to drop "Peso." Off the hook. Watch above.

[via XclusivesZone]

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