Interview: Machine Gun Kelly Responds To Highline Ballroom Ban

MGK expresses concerns about his fans not being refunded for tickets.

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Earlier today, the news broke that rapper Machine Gun Kelly was banned from performing tomorrow night at Highline Ballroom in Manhattan. The ban comes in the wake of a recent TMZ report stating that MGK is being sued for allegedly slicing a bouncer's hand open in Florida earlier this year. It also seems to be connected to this past week's Chris Brown and Drake club fight, which has done some damage to hip-hop's image, especially in New York City. It should also be noted that this is the second time MGK has been banned from performing on this tour, though there have been no "publicized" incidents in 78 straight show dates.

Earlier today, we called Highline Ballroom to get an official statement from them about the ban, and though there was not a manager on the premises to speak to us, we were told that tickets for the show would not be refunded for MGK fans, but the other acts, including headliner Tech N9ne, would still be performing.

Afterward, we got on the horn with MGK to get his reaction to the ban and the "no refund" policy for the show, see if he had been in contact with his Bad Boy boss Diddy, find out his feelings concerning the recent Chris Brown and Drake club fight and how it's connected to the ban, and also ask him about his plans to move forward. Here's what he had to say:

As told to Daniel Isenberg (@StanIpcus)

MGK On Getting Banned From Highline Ballroom

“The normal MGK reaction that everyone expects is for me to be angry and go off, because my history shows that’s the type of attitude I’m bringing to the table. But I think that after this being the second time on tour that this has happened, I’m more just bummed for the fans. I don’t care about [me]. My fans are kids that don’t have [much].

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