Due to recent allegations reported by TMZ that MGK sliced open a bouncer's finger in Florida—and the damage that the Drake and Chris Brown club brawl is doing to hip-hop's image—MGK will not be allowed to perform tomorrow night in NYC at the Highline Ballroom. MGK reps tell Complex that neither he nor his entourage did anything wrong, and that he's had 78 straight shows as part of the Hostile Takeover tour with no "publicized" incidents. Read MGK's official statement about the ban below:

PSA: just received word that NYPD has banned me from tomorrow's show at Highline Ballroom. I've wrongfully stereotyped based on some bullshit "he say-she say"!

Tired of being judged for false sh*t! I rap my ass off, I leave my heart on the stage and I'm fueled by the love for my fans! I will be back to give my NY fans the show you deserve!

We called Highline Ballroom to get their side of the story, and while there was no manager on the premises to comment, we were told that all the other acts on the bill would still be performing tomorrow night and that there will be no ticket refunds issued.