Sean Kingston Jumps Into The Game and Meek Mill's Beef, and The Internet Is Clowning Him for It

Sean Kingston sent a series of video on his Instagram account attacking The Game that have since been deleted.

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The newly minted The Game and Meek Mill beef began on Friday with the release of The Game's diss track "92 Bars," and continued on Saturday with both rappers attacking each other on Instagram. Now, Sean Kingston has entered their drama.

The "Beautiful Girls" singer posted a series of Instagram videos on Saturday that show him siding with Meek Mill and coming at The Game with a slew of insults. Kingston's rant including barbs their former collaborations, questioning The Game's Blood affiliation, and clarifying his perspective about an incident in which Kingston was robbed of a reported $300,000 chain in a Los Angeles nightclub back in June. The Game believes that Meek snitched on him by alleging to police that The Game was the culprit of the Kingston heist.

Kingston's three Instagram videos of his patois-accented vitriol targeting The Game have since been deleted. But they have been compiled in an approximate 10-minute YouTube compilation video (posted above) that goes until the 3:47 minute mark. After that, the video shows Meek Mill attacking The Game until the end of the compilation.

In the first video segment of the compilation, Kingston repeatedly calls The Game a "hoe," accuses him of being a stripper, and references Meek's Instagram photoshopped photo of The Game wearing a thong. Kingston even acknowledges that he was actually robbed of his chain. He even goes the distance asking, "Why you wanna attack a pop star?" In the second video, Kingston shows his jewelry box in an attempt to pester him that he went platinum, has his house paid for, and that The Game can't afford to take care of his own entourage. The third video explains more about why he claims he wasn't phased by being robbed.

The Game released his own video on his Instagram account that answers Sean's first posted video discussing the incident, and alleges it was Sean's own people who organized the robbery. He also stated that Meek gave Sean the idea it was The Game's camp, and the police got involved thereafter. The Game alleges in his posted video posted here with this quote to begin his diatribe, along with a lengthy caption that doesn't let up on Kingston:

"You called me back ten minutes later talking about Meek called and told you that I had you set up and robbed in the club. Then you sued the club, called detectives, then you called detectives with Meek on the phone. Let them speak to Meek, incriminating me and my fucking entourage saying that we fucking robbed you. they had detectives knocking on my fucking door."

You can see the clip here.

Kingston also tried to privately clown The Game in his DMs to his friend and Lakers guard Nick Young. The singer posted a screenshot thereafter of the brief commentary between Young and himself. It was a Snapchat convo uploaded on Kingston's IG account, which has since been deleted. "Ay bro you funny as shit clowning on the game," Swaggy wrote. "Hahahaha this nigga a clown man," Kingston replied, adding in his Instagram caption "hahaha even my brother @swaggyp1 know u a clown."

This was deleted after Nick took umbrage at what he felt was Kingston pulling him into his problems with The Game. Read Nick's tweets clearing his name from the beef.

Now Twitter is having a field day clowning Kingston and saying this really isn't his lane to speak in, and that he should keep it moving. 

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