Watch Wiz Khalifa Pass Around His Own Brand of Weed to the Paparazzi

Wiz Khalifa handed out a whole bunch of Khalifa Kush to the paparazzi as an act of generosity.

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Wiz Khalifa loves weed. No, I mean he really, really loves weed. Wiz Khalifa loves weed so much that he actually has his own strain: Khalifa Kush. On Friday night, as he was leaving the seafood restaurant Catch in West Hollywood, Wiz decided to spread the love with some paparazzi that were camped out trying to catch a few photos.

"Ya'll gonna miss somebody else coming out of here filming me rolling weed," Wiz said to the camera people surrounding his car. When they stuck with him however, the Blacc Hollywood rapper started handing out buds. "Wow, I can smell it," one photog remarked. "Hell yeah you can smell it," Wiz replied, "Cause it's that good shit!"

In a recent interview with High Times, Wiz opened up about his marijuana consumption. "I smoke pot all day. I wake up and get high. But I’m more like an on-the-low stoner now. I like to get high and be high when I’m places, as opposed to just smoking everywhere like I used to."

He also talked about Khalifa Kush. "It’s straight Kush, but it’s an upper. Everybody thinks that when you smoke Kush, it brings you down, but it really brings you up. It’s super-strong, too, so take it in small doses. Unless you’re a power smoker, in which case, smoke up!"

As for what he likes to listen to when he smokes, he says, "Anything Three 6 Mafia, Project Pat, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. As I got older, I started to smoke to old-school music. I used to smoke to trap shit—like really super-hood music."

Catch the video of Wiz's act of generosity above. 

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