Ty Dolla Sign Reportedly Owes $180,000 in Back Taxes

Ty Dolla Sign reportedly owes the IRS upwards of $180,000 for back taxes.

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Ty Dolla Sign has reportedly found himself on the wrong side of the federal government. According to TMZ, the Free TC singer is allegedly in the hole for a staggering $180,969.35.

Apparently, Ty—or more likely his accounting team—failed to pay the proper amount of taxes three years in a row. The IRS has filed a lien against him seeking to recoup $16,617.05 for 2011, $54,626.91 for 2013, and $109,725.39 for 2014. As you can tell, there's a pretty significant jump between 2011 and 2014 when Dolla Sign released his debut album Beach House EP. 

Ty Dolla Sign is by no means the first musical artist to run afoul of the IRS. In September, the world was shocked to discover that R&B star Nelly was on the hook for over $2 million in back taxes. The amount was so large that the federal government began seizing the singer's property in order to take back some of what they were owed. It was an especially jarring revelation coming just one month after his album Country Grammer became just the eighth hip-hop album ever to achieve diamond certification

In an even more stunning case, the legendary Lauryn Hill was sent to jail for three months back in 2013 for failing to pay taxes on roughly $1.8 million in earnings. After getting out, she took a large chunk of time off because, as she explained, "When you eat a lot of other people’s debts, and become financially responsible for as many people as I did, a break like the one I took was necessary.”

Given his more recent successes, we imagine that Ty Dolla Sign won't have too hard a time footing this bill. As they say, however, "Mo Money, Mo Problems."

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