The Game's Manager Reportedly Takes Stitches on as a New Client After Knocking Him Out Last Month

Guess that's a way to flip a negative into a positive.

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Last month, controversial rapper Stitches got into a fight outside of a club in Miami with the Game's entourage and ended up getting knocked unconscious by the rapper's manager, Wack 100. Stitches and Wack were both taken into custody following the scuffle with the latter booked on battery charges.

It appears both parties have left their issues in the past as Wack recently announced on Instagram that he's taken Stitches on as his newest client. “Just got a call from a grown man on some grown man shit," Wack wrote. "Stitches under new management.”

In the months leading up to the physical confrontation, Stitches and the Game were embroiled in a bitter beef after Stitches dropped a diss track titled "Game Over" and posted a video coming after the Compton rapper and his kids. On the night of the altercation, Stitches waited outside of the club for the Game and his entourage to exit and started mouthing off, which led Wack to intervene with a blow to the head. Afterwards, Wack said, "You look at this dude, he talks real loud, he has tattoos on his face. You're dealing with a dude who's really lying to himself."

Given that contentious history, it'll be interesting to see how long this new partnership lasts.

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