Snoop Dogg Put a Tiny Romanian Village on the Map

The rapper meant to tag himself in Bogotá, Colombia, but instead placed himself in Bogata, Romania

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A few days back Snoop Dogg found himself on tour in Bogotá, Colombia. At a certain point he decided to pause and snap a selfie, which he then sent out to his 9.3 million followers on Instagram. The only problem was instead of geo-tagging himself in the massive Colombian capital city, he instead placed himself in Bogata, Mures, Romania - a tiny village in Eastern Europe of only 2,000 people. 

While many sleepy locales around the globe might spurn the kind of exposure a faux pas such as this might bring, it turns out that the residents of Bogata are absolutely thrilled with the limeligh that the D-O-double-G's post has brought upone them. The town's tourism webpage has been updated with the tagline, "Snoop Dogg checked into Bogata, Mures, by mistake — but you don’t have to!” It goes on to declare itself, “The best place for chillin’ in Romania.” Kind of a weird play for a place that doesn't even boast a single hotel.

In a short interview with the Associated Press, the Mayor of Bogata Laszlo Barta said, “It was a mistake but it’s a good advert for us." Snoop himself later responded to the outpouring of love from his Romania fans with a follow-up post on Instagram saying, "I just Steve Harveyed my own chit hahahhaha ! shoutout to my Romanian fans, tha boss dogg comn thru real soon!!!"

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