Gucci Mane's Girlfriend Refused to Let Him Eat Hamburgers So Mike WiLL Made-It Stepped In

The newly slimmed down Gucci Mane only wanted a burger, but his girlfriend wasn't having it—that's when Mike WiLL Made-It got involved.

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Plain fact: dieting sucks. The rewards of sticking to a strict regimen of exercise and eating healthy foods are both obvious, but while you're grinding it out and eating an array of super foods like kale, it's hard not to dream about digging into a plate of greasy fast food. It happens to all of us, and as his Snapchat story shows, the burger cravings hit Gucci Mane with a vengeance.

The newly-svelte Atlanta rap star, who lost somewhere around 50 pounds while in jail, was chilling at home yesterday and thinking about what he wanted to have for lunch. What he really wanted to eat was a burger, but all he had in the house apparently was a box of Cocoa Pebbles and a bag of popcorn. He even laid out a stack of hundred dollar bills on a table, offering it up to anyone who would deliver him something from Ann's Snack Bar and pick him up a Ghetto Burger.

Things took a turn for the worse when Gucci's girlfriend Keyshia Ka'oir came home and presented him with a bowl of fruit salad for lunch. "You're so spoiled" she laughed as Gucci picked at the helping of grapes and cantaloupe. The situation was truly dire. Then, like an angel sent from Heaven, who should walk up Guwop's driveway but producer Mike WiLL Made-It with a bag of burgers for his friend.

The whole episode is pretty hilarious and was collected into a single video, which you can check out below.

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