Gucci Mane has blown up the Twittersphere once again. And, no, people aren’t going crazy about a new single drop or another bat-shit conspiracy theory. This time, the buzz is surrounding kale. Yes, kale.

On Tuesday, the rapper posted a Snapchat story about his new appreciation for the leafy vegetable—assuring fans that he hasn’t abandoned his commitment to a healthier lifestyle.

"This is kale right here. Trying to be healthy," he said. "Everybody is sad and confused, but I'm healthy and happy."

Following his release from prison last month, Gucci showed his slimmer physique after dropping 50 pounds behind bars. TMZ reported that he intends to maintain the look by taking on a strict workout regimen and a carbohdyrate-free diet. But it seems he’s willing to make an exception if the carbs come from a superfood.

After Gucci posted the Snapchat, it didn’t take for social media to freak out. The sight of La Flare enjoying this hyped-up vegetable triggered so many emotions across Twitter.

Some were proud of Gucci; many were even inspired:

Some were in disbelief:

Others saw this as another piece of evidence that he is, in fact, a clone: