DJ Khaled Really Snapchatted His Fiancée Giving Birth and Twitter Lost It

DJ Khaled took things to a whole new level while Snapchatting the birth of his son.

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DJ Khaled is known for oversharing. It's almost as emblematic of who he is as his variety of catch phrases like "mogul alert," "major key," and "cloth talk." Last night however, he took his penchant for sharing his life on Snapchat to a whole new level when he began posting videos of his fiancée​ giving birth to his son while music from his most recent album Major Key played in the background. 

Live look at DJ Khaled's snapchat...
Update part 2. Khaled still playing #MajorKey as his son is being born.
Congratulations to @djkhaled on the birth of his son!#MajorKey

People take videos of their children being born every day, but they're mostly for private consumption. Millions of people aren't typically interested in the sometimes gory process. Nevertheless, a whole bevy of Khaled's fans tuned into his Snaps and shared their thoughts. 

So DJ Khaled is obsessed with lions and his son has a Leo moon 🦁💕💕💕
congrats to @djkhaled and his queen on their new bundle of joy 🦁👶🏻🔑#blessup #securethebabybag
DJ Khaled had a photoshoot while his wife was in labor. I'm weak😂😭
DJ Khaled snapchatted his wife giving birth whilst "I got the Keys" is being played uno. Man promoted his son's birth like a mixtape im dead
Dj Khaled should've been blessed with twins, so when the second baby came out could've said anotha one🙏🏽🦁🔑
if DJ Khaled screams "Major V Alert" while snapchatting his wife's birth, i'm deleting everything i have associated to him.
DJ khaled Snapchat never disappoints 😭😂😂
I don't know what's worse the fact that DJ Khaled snapchatted the whole process of his son's birth or the fact that I watched it all

Mother, son, and father seem to be doing well—and what more can you ask for than that? Bless up!

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