A Rap Concert in NYC Ended After Security Attacked the Performer and His Fans

Shortly after the incident the rapper Tweeted out, "They kicking me on the ground! Smh. After I try to save my fans from getting choked out."

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Rapper Skate Maloley was performing a concert at Webster Hall in New York City last night that got out of hand. According to Maloley, he was midway through his set when he noticed that the security in front of the stage were assaulting a group of fans and decided to intervene on their behalf. Maloley, as you can see on the video below, reached down toward one of the security personnel after allegedly catching him using a taser on a fan close to the stage and was overwhelmed by the security force as the crowd watched on in horror.

More bodies jumped into the fray, and as Maloley wrote on Twitter, "My whole team got assaulted buy them and that's it." The security staff wrestled the rapper to the ground and according to Maloley began kicking him as the venue cleared out. Even for how vicious the altercation appeared, Maloley took time after his show to meet and greet with fans. Check out the shocking footage below.

Rap singer, Skate Maloley, was physically assaulted after he tried stopping security from beating his fans. pic.twitter.com/GupwuayMHn
Disturbing footage of the rapper & his team being physically assaulted at the Webster Hall venue in New York City. pic.twitter.com/wBBk3Ni0Qd
Much respect to him for trying to stop the violence & hopefully everyone's okay. pic.twitter.com/YwHcD4gXA7
The man used a taser on a young fan. Something must be done. @WebsterHall pic.twitter.com/gp9yAkspii

After the incident, Maloley took to Twitter to explain what went down and canceled his next show in Boston.

Never would I have wanted this for my fans. I show nothing but love and peace to everyone I encounter. Tonight the devil was against us.
But God has a plan for each and every one of us. Sometimes people's egos get in the way of things. I did nothing to anyone of the security
My whole team got assaulted buy them and that's it. I'm just most sad and upset that yall had to expierence that. And also miss the show
Security has no right to assault me nor my family. I will die for them. Once again I have nothing but love for every single NYC fan
Sad a sold out show had to end like that. It's love for my family and my fans to the death. We ride together. One love.
Boston unfortunately with what happened we will not be able to make it to the show tomorrow! The Skaterade tour will continue.

For their part, Webster Hall posted this statement to their Tumblr page:

"Saturday’s incident is being fully investigated, as there are misreports about what took place. Webster Hall’s staff do NOT carry tasers and are not armed. They carry strobe flashlights. The safety of all guests is always our primary focus."

We reached out to Maloley's camp and will update when available.

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