PROMO: One of a Kind Music Access: Danny Brown

Like no other.

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After starting on the West Coast, swinging through the South, and then the Northeast, the Dr Pepper One of a Kind Music Access road trip came to an end at the Pitchfork Festival in Chicago. The bus has made its final stop (moment of silence), but it was at a truly unique ride. We want to give a huge thanks to everyone who's been following us on our 23-city odyssey, and everyone we've met along the way.

At Pitchfork, Complex's Jacob Moore caught up with Danny Brown, a rapper who defines the entire One of a Kind theme. You can search high and low for another Danny Brown, but you won't find one. From the hair to the teeth to the distinct vocal style, Danny Brown is an original. But as you'll hear in the interview above, while they may look at him as a visionary, he sees the festival audience as part of his family.

It's been a blast taking this journey with you all, and remember—you can relive all the One of a Kind Music Access insanity at

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