PROMO: One of a Kind Music Access: Allen Stone

Singularly soulful.

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The One of a Kind Music Access bus, presented by Dr Pepper, made its latest stop in Nashville, Tennessee, which is, of course, the cradle of country music. Yes, this is the home of the Grand Old Opry, but Nashville has music of all kinds echoing through its streets.

Complex's Soo-Young Kim had the chance to sit down with singer/songwriter Allen Stone, whose one-of-a-kind brand of throw-back soul is making many people look at the genre differently. While Allen says there's "nothing new under the sun" in music, and that his style is just an homage to the great soul singers of the past, there is no questioning his uniquely individual and magnetic presence.

There are still 9 more stops on the One of a Kind Music Access road trip, so keep checking in with Complex for more videos, pics, and updates. You can also keep up with the #alwaysoneofakind hashtag on Twitter for up-to-the-minute information. Enter the sweeps below for a chance to win a trip to the last stop in Chicago.


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