Nick Jonas Covers Complex's February/March 2016 Issue!

The former Disney star and boy band icon can do whatever he wants with his career. After a few drinks, we discover that he plans to do everything and more.

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Nick Jonas is in the midst of a personal revolution. The former boyband member who struck out on his own after the trio he formed with his older brothers disbanded has been hard at work trying to carve out an artistic lane for himself. Despite being in the game since he was 8, the youngest Jonas Brother still believes he hasn't expressed his truest self. That's why in the past two years he's done nearly everything a young entertainer could hope to achieve: He's released an R&B-infused album that spawned a top 40 hit, landed his first lead role in a movie, joined the cast of two vastly different TV shows (Fox's comedic horror series Scream Queens and DirectTV's gritty Kingdom), and started a record label with his close friend Demi Lovato.

All of these endeavors show a different side of Nick Jonas. Some have taken issue with those sides, seeing them as nothing more than airs put on to appease certain demographics in hopes of selling more albums or movie tickets. After replacing Lady Gaga at the Pittsburgh's Pride in the Street concert, playing a closeted gay fighter in Kingdom, and partying in gay bars, Nick has been accused of "gay baiting." 

To find out what exactly Nick Jonas is up to with all of his recent professional moves, we sent Deputy EditorKerensa Cadenas to L.A. to kick it with the multidisciplinary artist at one of his favorite late night haunts. The resulting interview, conducted over tacos and beers, is candid and funny, and sheds some light into the mind of a star who's just now figuring out how to be his best self. The photoshoot, helmed by photographer Gavin Bond, perfectly shows the young artist resisting all outside forces in a bid to maintain control over his destiny. 

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