Dr Pepper Will Produce Three Original EPs Through One of a Kind Studio Sessions

Dr Pepper One of a Kind Studio Sessions

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Dr Pepper will be making a significant contribution to the musical world this year with the release of three original EPs recorded during the One of a Kind Studio Sessions. Fans of all genres of music will appreciate the fact that Dr Pepper recruited top-notch talent for this endeavor. The program has brought in David Andrew Sitek, The Hood Internet, and none other than RZA on the production side. As for the performers, they have signed four rising artists—Rockie Fresh, RAC, Tinashe, and Robert DeLong—to provide the vocals, hooks, lyrics, and rhymes. The three EPs will each include four songs, one from each artist, allowing each performer to work with each producer on an original track. The 12 total tracks will wind up being a solid showcase for these unique collaborations.

Complex will be keeping you up to speed on the project’s progress throughout the summer, with reports and video drops coming directly from the Dr Pepper Studio. One key component in the plan will be live listening events timed with the EP releases, also taking place at the studio. This intimate venue should make for an up-close-and-personal musical experience that is, dare we say, one of a kind. The first listening party will happen on June 12, so stay tuned for further details.

For more on the One of a Kind Studio Sessions, check out the video above and visit complex.com/drpepper.

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