"Complex Live" Goes Inside L.A.'s Streetwear Scene and Gets Details on Big Boi's New Album

"Complex Live" with Big Boi, Bobby Hundreds, Nicky Diamonds, Jalen "Teez" Tabor, Chi Modu and Anik Khan.

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On this week's, episode of "Complex Live," we head to Los Angeles for a tour of Fairfax, where Bobby Hundreds talks about the history and importance of that district to streetwear and brings along, Nicky Diamonds and Anwar Carrots, two other essential players.

We're also in Washington D.C. with Detroit Lions draft pick Jalen “Teez” Tabor. Tabor played cornerback at the University of Florida and was just drafted in the second round by the Detroit Lions. We get an inside look at his journey from playing on a dirt field to the NFL Draft, and get a look at how he's already giving back.

Then, we talk with Big Boi about his new album, Boomiverse, his collaborations with Adam Levine, Killer Mike and Jeezy and Outkast’s legacy. And we get to know Chi Modu, a legendary hip-hop photographer who's behind iconic portraits of 2Pac, Biggie, Nas, Mobb Deep and more. Plus, Queen rapper Anik Khan, whose new EP, Kites, is out now, hits the bodega for a performance.

You can check out a new episode of "Complex Live," hosted by Nadeska Alexis and Speedy Morman, every Friday on the go90 app and go90.com.

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