B Wise Takes Us Through South West Sydney in Red Bull Music's 'This is Home'

B Wise shows us around the area he made famous

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After touring the Kimberly with Dallas Woods and being introduced the collaborative community of Brisbane with Jesswar, Red Bull Music's 'This Is Home' series concludes with a trip through South West Sydney with B Wise.

Always a gracious host, B Wise gives us a very personal trip through what might just be Australian hip-hop's hottest region right now. The rapper checks in with those who helped him along the way including high school teachers, and his earliest partners in rhyme, and The Edge 96.1's K-Sera. Fittingly, the episode finishes as B Wise takes a seat on the couch between his mother and sister, and gives his thoughts on where home truly is.

This is the last episode of Red Bull Music's 'This Is Home' series, but there might just be a re-up in the future. For now, catch the B Wise ep above.

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