Prosecutors Reportedly Reviewing Old Video of XXXTentacion Hitting a Girl

It's unclear how the resurfaced video will impact XXXTentacion's release from house arrest.

A video of XXXTentacion hitting a girl on the head has resurfaced online.

In the video, X is dancing behind a girl, who’s filming herself. He then smacks her on the side of the head right before the camera cuts.

According to TMZ, prosecutors on X’s domestic violence case are checking the footage, which looks to be old due to his hairstyle.

X’s attorney Jaclyn Broudy told TMZ it's "clear" X and the girl are friends and that “the video was taken completely in jest.” She also mentioned X has changed since the video and that people are trying to harm him by releasing it.

X's lawyers Broudy and David Bogenschutz released a statement that read: “We have seen what purports to be an aged (which is apparent from the physical differences in the depiction) video and note that it is, at least, inconclusive as to whether any such 'hitting' actually occurred and WHEN this alleged incident took place. Moreover, the actors in this video are obviously friends, and also obviously acting in jest. You should be also aware that we are advised that the woman in the video has been located and has admitted that that activity depicted was a 'joke' and not an 'assault,' something that can easily be determined from watching it.”

“Jahseh has been more than a changed young man as a result of this ordeal and it is disturbing that people who have negative agendas continue to try to tar him. He has dedicated himself to spreading a positive message and has been participating in community outreach and charitable concerns, and, despite these attacks on him, he continues that positive approach and is staying true to his music.”

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X was released from jail in December and subsequently placed on house arrest, which restricted him from being able to go on tour to promote his latest album. His other attorney Bogenschutz told TMZ that his client’s finances have depleted because of his travel restrictions, since touring is a primary source of income for artists now.

It’s uncertain how this will affect X's case since he was released from house arrest to go on tour.

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