Trey Songz Accused of Bumping Woman's Car, Hurting Her Hand, and Fleeing

A woman told the police that she got into an argument with Trey Songz while in her car, which escalated to him hitting her car and her hand and speeding off.


Image via Getty/Theo Wargo


Trey Songz might have gotten himself into more hot water, according to latest reports.

The singer has been accused of hitting a woman’s car and her hand following an argument that escalated while the two were still in their respective vehicles, according toTMZ. Police sources say that the incident happened on Thursday around midnight. After Songz bumped the woman’s car with his, she exited her vehicle to confront him. He then allegedly hit her hand and vehicle as he fled the scene.

At that point, she called the police and the incident was reported as a hit-and-run. She also refused medical attention for her injuries. It’s unclear what led to the argument, and it doesn’t appear that the two knew each other prior to the encounter. Songz’s team has also denied the woman’s accusations.

Songz has recently been involved in two other legal fights, the first being his arrest at a Kansas City Chiefs game earlier this year when viral footage showed him placing an officer in a chokehold. In late April, prosecutors said they decided against filing charges since there was a lack of evidence. And just this past week, another lawsuit cropped up when a bartender alleged that Songz punched him in the face during a Cardi B concert in 2019.

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