This Travis Scott-Type Song Was Created by Artificial Intelligence

The artificial intelligence-generated song even includes Travis Scott's trademark ad-libs.

Is there room in the world for two Travis Scotts?

Digital agency Space150 recently created a completely AI-generated song with lyrics and melodies designed with Scott’s music in mind, purely for his unique style, Adweek reports. After fueling a text generator model with lyrics for two weeks, the company ended up with a track titled “Jack Park Canny Dope Man." It also came with a strange video rapped by a deepfake of Scott named Travisbott, which you can view above.

The song even includes Scott’s trademark ad-libs, and has extremely Auto-Tuned vocals and absurd rhymes, such as:

I ain’t got the surfers 'cause I know I’m not that hard
But I got all my old bitches mad by the bars
Thinkin’ at the Grammys, in the family, I got stars
Try to put in the plane, but the blame be on the cars

Space150’s executive creative director, Ned Lampert told Adweek the project wasn’t created for any specific client. “We were sort of fascinated with like, ‘What if we tried to make a song—like an actual good song—by using AI and basically creative directing AI?‘” he said. “And so we chose Travis Scott just because he is just such a unique artist and he has a unique sound and everything sort of has an aesthetic to it, both audibly and visually.”

Lampert explained that the bot kept producing lyrics about eating, while still figuring out how to imitate Scott’s musical style. “There was one line like, ‘I don’t want to fuck your party food,’” he said.

“It came up with things that we would never come up with,” Lampert continued. “I love the beautiful mistakes that we make all the time that get turned into work or [situations] where someone says something ridiculous and then we end up doing it. And there were some of those types of behaviors within this process.”

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