Travis Scott Says Scoring 10 Grammy Nominations and No Wins 'Gets Rough at Times'

The 32-year-old has been nominated for Best Rap Album twice.

Travis Scott posing in a black jacket with braided hair at a GQ event
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images
Travis Scott posing in a black jacket with braided hair at a GQ event

Travis Scott still wants a Grammy.

The Utopia rapper spoke on the relevance of the awards show in a teaser for LeBron James’ The Shop, specifically touching on how his contemporaries view the Grammy Awards. Scott hasn’t yet won, though he has been nominated 10 times.

“A lot of my peers, everyone's like, ‘Ah, fuck that award.’ I fuck with it,” the 32-year-old said. “You play football to win the Super Bowl, you play basketball to win championships.”

Travis continued, “I don’t make music to win Grammys, but it’s what that Grammy used to mean is what I always hold on to. Like, the idea of music. I love creating music. … That award is just like, at one point, it’s held up to a higher stature.”

He added, “And I still believe in it, in a sense. You know, it gets rough at times, but fuck, what the fuck?”

Scott also vented his frustration over the rap categories remaining untelevised, even though the genre has dictated culture for decades.

Trav's nominations include Best Rap Song ("Sicko Mode"), Best Melodic Rap Performance ("Highest in the Room"), and two Best Rap Album nods (Utopia and Astroworld).

“You sit there and then they air the show, the rap award, at like 2:00 or 1:30. But you gotta perform at, like, 8:30 so imagine losing at 1:30 and having to sit there for seven hours,” Scott explained. “It’s like, ‘Fuck this shit, I wanna just dip.’”

This year, the 32-year-old’s latest album, Utopia was nominated for Best Rap Album. However, Killer Mike’s offering, Michael landed the award and largely swept most of the rap categories.

Scott still had to perform, clearly showing his resentment when he ad-libbed the phrase, “They slept on me 10 times” and destroyed folding chairs during his performance of “FE!N” with Playboi Carti.

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