TMZ Reporter Who Was Berated by Kanye After He Grabbed Her Phone Says West Has ‘Such Disrespect for Women’

The woman Kanye yelled at happens to be the same person who once ran barefoot to photograph ASAP Rocky.


The TMZ reporter who was verbally berated by Kanye West on Monday has shared her thoughts about the incident.

Melanie Miller—who’s also a comedian—appeared on The TMZ Podcast to discuss her interaction with Ye.

“I was alarmed. I was like, 'Whoa, I don't see that one coming.' 'Cause I’ve interviewed him before and he never talks to me, so I’m thinking 'I’ll just see if he’ll talk to me.' It’s been very well talked about that...he won’t let Bianca [Censori] have an Instagram because he’s trying to protect her. So I’m saying this is an easy opportunity for you to be like, ‘Of course I’m not controlling her.’ That’s all that I had going into it.”

Miller said she only had a brief window of time to chat with the controversial artist before he attended Charlie Wilson’s Hollywood Walk of Fame event, and that she “stumbled” into him with few people around.

Even though their interview went left field, she didn’t appear to regret the interaction. Miller also doesn’t seem to have a great opinion of Yeezy.

“With everything that he’s done, people deserve answers to this kind of stuff,” she said. “If [Bianca’s] okay with it, that’s fine. If she’s posting those photos of her and her essentially naked body on her own Instagram because she wants to, because she wants to put that out there—fine. But he’s doing it. … He has such disrespect for women.”

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It was pointed out on Monday that Miller is the same TMZ reporter who chased ASAP Rocky while he was on a jog—and she was barefoot, no less. Their run-in happened in late October when Miller spotted Rocky and attempted to keep up with him. She didn’t fare too well: she threw up post-jog.

Miller called the Rocky incident the “best day of my life!” on Instagram, alongside photos of the Harlem rapper wearing a gray leather sweatsuit from Bottega Veneta.

On Monday, Miller approached Ye as he was walking into Wilson's event and asked the Chicago rapper if his wife has "free will." That question triggered a rant from Kanye, who yelled at Miller for a good three minutes and called himself a "grown-ass superhero.”

“Is that your job to go up to every celebrity and ask them some dumb ass shit about their wife?” he said. “Was it wrong for you to ask me about my wife—some dumb-ass disrespectful shit like that?”

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