Sauce Walka Overjoyed as His Non-Verbal, Autistic Daughter Says His Ad-Lib for the First Time

The Houston rapper celebrated the special moment in an Instagram post.

Marcus Ingram / Getty Images for Keyglock

Sauce Walka recently shared a very special family moment.

The Houston native took to Instagram earlier this week to celebrate his non-verbal, autistic daughter’s first time speaking. The rapper is seen unpacking Houston Rockets merch when he says, “Can I get a oowee?”

Someone off-camera responds, saying, “Oowee.” Sauce was overjoyed as he reacted saying, “Aye, she said oowee, my daughter said ‘Oowee!’” as the camera pans to his daughter and her mother. “I ain’t never heard her say that before,” Sauce Walka yells, as he climbs on the couch. “Houston Rockets, y’all just made my daughter speak."

He then yells “Oowee” again and she repeats it, prompting him to run over to the couch she’s sitting on and lovingly fall on top of her and hug her as she laughs.

In the video’s caption, Sauce reflected on what he felt in that moment. 

"I really don't speak on this subject, but my #1stBorn is autistic and nonverbal, and this was the first time she said #OooWwwEee. This is a day we will always remember,” he wrote.

He then gave a shout-out to the Houston Rockets: “Working with the same team I grew up supporting my whole life as a successful rap star is a full circle moment for me. Again, thank you @rocketsshop for always selecting me to work with you guys. I'm always grateful.”

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