Nicki Minaj Says She 'Was Able to Ground' Herself When Prescribed Percocet, Says It Became 'Addictive'

The 'Pink Friday 2' rapper shares that years ago, she was given Percocet for painful menstrual cramps.

Angela Weiss / AFP via Getty Images

Nicki Minaj has been very careful about her drug and alcohol usage throughout her career.

In her new cover story for Vogue, the Pink Friday 2 rapper revealed that her late father’s addiction to weed, crack, and alcohol informed her early decision to be mindful of abusing drugs.

“I feel like I will always consider myself to be just like my father,” she told the publication. She shared that there was one moment in her career when she was prescribed Percocet for severe menstrual cramping. While the medication was helpful, Minaj soon discovered she was taking the pills even when she didn’t need them.

“No one told me that this was a narcotic and this was addictive,” she continued. “Luckily I was able to ground myself. But—once an addict, always an addict. I feel like if you’ve ever experienced addiction to anything, which I have, you always have to think twice and three times about the choices that you make.”

Minaj thinks that famous people are especially susceptible to substance abuse since they live in the public eye.

“Look at some of our biggest celebrities. They eventually either get laughed out of wanting to go outside anymore, like Michael Jackson, or criticized, like Whitney Houston, or they fight silent battles, like Prince. These are some of the greatest of all time. And one day they decided, ‘You know what? I’d rather self-medicate and be in my own world,’” she said, adding, “Should you keep on doing interviews and pouring out your heart so people can laugh? No.”

The Queens native has previously addressed her drug usage. In 2021, she took to Instagram Live to respond to rumors that she’s done cocaine.

“I don’t know if it’s just me, but I wouldn't be embarrassed about any fucking drugs I did, that’s why I talk about the motherfucking drugs I do in my motherfucking music,” she said. “I have never, ever in my life with my hands on Jesus Christ—and y’all know how I feel about my Lord and savior. Never in my life, ever, not even once sniffed coke. Ever.” 

Last year, she also revealed that she’s “sober” in response to a fan on X.

No I’m sober & loving life. You ?

— Nicki Minaj (@NICKIMINAJ) April 22, 2022

“I’m sober & loving life,” she wrote. In a follow-up tweet, she added, “I used to be happy when I was high. Now I’m happy when I’m sober. No judgment to anyone. Be gentle with yourself.”

I used to b happy when I was high. Now I’m happy when I’m sober. No judgement to anyone. Be gentle with yourself. 🎀

— Nicki Minaj (@NICKIMINAJ) April 22, 2022

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