Premiere: Mulatto Connects With Saweetie and Trina for "B*tch from da Souf (Remix)" Video

Mulatto also announces her new deal with RCA Records.

Mulatto celebrates her new deal with RCA Records with the release of her video for “Bitch from da Souf (Remix)” featuring Saweetie and Trina.

The three women come together, mobbing out throughout the visual. “Having three female rappers on a song is one thing but bringing all three together for the music video is next level!” Mulatto told Complex. “I’m especially excited to be dropping the video during Women's History Month. I cannot thank Trina and Saweetie enough for being a part of this. The energy on set was unmatched. Saweetie is truly a sweetheart. Trina is a real-life role model, not only as a rapper but as a woman.”

Mulatto took to Instagram on Monday, previewing the remix and revealing her deal.

“The buzz that ‘Bitch From da Souf’ created put so many offers on the table for me all at once,” she explained to Complex. “Signing was especially a big deal for me being that I came from a TV show where I publicly turned down a record deal. For 5 years I worked independently waiting for the right opportunity to present itself. I knew in my heart that it was time and felt 100% confident in choosing RCA.”

Watch the video for "Bitch from da Souf (Remix)" up top.

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