Mike Will Made-It Signs Trouble to Ear Drummer Records

Trouble is preparing to drop his next mixtape 'Edgewood' via Ear Drummer Records and Interscope.

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Mike Will Made-It has signed rapper Trouble to Ear Drummer Records. Trouble's latest single, the Mike Will Made-It-produced “Real Is Rare” dropped on Thursday, along with the video, which will appear on Edgewood. It is the rapper's first release on Ear Drummer Records and Interscope Records.

The visual for “Real Is Rare” appears in black and white, and is an ode to authenticity. Written messages materialize throughout the video, which is fairly graphic, as it shows a handful of men hanging out in a parking lot and shooting guns.

Edgewood will also feature Trouble’s recent hit “Bring It Back,” a joint effort between Trouble, Drake, and Mike.

“No other producer and artist combo can pull off what Trouble and I are about to do,” Mike told Complex over email. “Edgewood is only the beginning. I really felt like it was time for a level up for Trouble–I’ve been watching his grind for years now, since we were young as fuck, coming up in Atlanta on the music scene, trying to make something out of nothing. Trouble is the only person from the city who’s going to give you that raw, pure, honest, real rap, mixed with originality, new flavor, new flows and new lingo. He has the grind, work ethic, and dedication to back it up and the city knows.”

Trouble released his EP 16 last June, which featured T.I. and included the hit single “Brick,” featuring Skippa Da Flippa.

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