Premiere: MICK Celebrates Jay Electronica and Jay-Z With 'A Rewritten Testimony' Remix Project

MICK, Chi Duly, and Hasan Insane have come together to release their remix of Jay Electronica's debut album 'A Written Testimony.'

mick mixtape
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mick mixtape

MICK, Chi Duly, and Hasan Insane have taken on Jay Electronica’s A Written Testimony as their next remix project.

The trio's reworking is titled A Rewritten Testimony and is based on Electronica’s long-awaited debut album, which arrived in March with features from Jay-Z, Travis Scott, and The-Dream.

“When Jay Electronica dropped A Written Testimony at the beginning of the pandemic, it was exactly what we needed,” MICK told Complex. “Powerful music for a powerful time. But I couldn't help but wonder: what if there was more? What if it was longer? What if it had more layers to it?”

He continued, “I called my friends Chi Duly and Hasan Insane to help put together this intricate revision of Jay Electronica's debut album. But with additional beats. More Hov. Rare verses. Outtakes. Special guests. And lots of other fun easter eggs for true Jay + Jay fans. We hope you love it as much as we do.”

Stream A Rewritten Testimony—premiering below, in tandem with Jay-Z's 51st birthday—and follow MICK, Chi Duly, and Hasan Insane on Instagram. MICK also hosts his own podcast, The MICK Show, a conversational series with today’s most prominent creatives.

1. MICK, Chi Duly + Hasan Insane - The Overwhelming Intro
2. Jay Electronica + Jay-Z: Exhibit A (MICK + Chi Duly Mix)
3. Jay Electronica + Jay-Z: Shiny Suit Man (Chi Duly’s Live @ Preemo’s Mix)
4. Jay Electronica + Bilal: Sirens (Hasan Insane + MICK Mix)
5. Jay Electronica + Jay-Z: The Blinding Part 2 (MICK + Chi Duly Mix)
6. Jay Electronica + Jay-Z: To Me, To You (Hasan Insane + MICK Mix)
7. Jay Electronica + Jay-Z: Fruits Of The Smile (MICK + Chi Duly Mix)
8. Jay Electronica + Jay-Z: Letter To Falon (Hasan Insane + MICK Mix)
9. Jay Electronica + Jay-Z: Exhibit C (MICK + Chi Duly Mix)
10. Jay Electronica: Twisted Dreams (Chi Duly Edit)
11. Jay Electronica + Jay-Z + Nas: Ghost Of Soulja Slim (MICK + Chi Duly Mix)
12. Jay Electronica + Biggie: Ghost Of Christopher Wallace (Hasan Insane + MICK Mix)
13. Jay Electronica + Jay-Z: Dear Moleskine (MICK + Chi Duly Mix)
14. Jay Electronica + Jay-Z: Heaven (MICK + Chi Duly Mix)
15. Jay Electronica + Jay-Z: The Neverending Story (MICK + Chi Duly Mix)
16. Jay Electronica + Jay-Z: Garden Outro (Hasan Insane Edit)

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