Lil Yachty Expresses Regret Over $100,000 Disney World Date

On a new episode of 'A Safe Place Podcast,' Yachty described the vacation date as a "fire" experience even if the amount of money he spent was "insane."

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Lil Yachty casually spent six figures on a date trip to Disney World.

The Atlanta native discussed the details of the private jet-assisted outing on a new episode of A Safe Place Podcast, telling co-host Mitch and guest Kai Cenat that he spent $100,000 on the vacation outing with a woman who wasn’t his significant other.

“The overall of that trip wasn’t tricking, wasn’t for her, but it was to go big. And I kinda went a little insane,” Lil Boat said around the 28:50 minute mark above. “That thing specifically is I spent 100 grand to go to Disney World, take someone to Disney. I regret it because we weren’t dating and it just didn’t go nowhere.”

He added, “But it was fire because it was my experience too, it was crazy. But it was insane.”

Yachty also admitted in the interview that he’s not much of a “relationship guy.” Back in October 2021, he and his then-girlfriend Selangie welcomed a daughter.

The artist has been busy this year. At the top of 2023, he released his first project in three years, the psychedelic album Let’s Start Here, which featured people like Foushée, Diana Gordon, Teezo Touchdown, and Justine Skye and peaked at No. 9 on the Billboard 200. In April, he followed it with a new single, “Strike (Holster),” which has become a fan favorite and landed on our list of the 50 best songs of the year so far.

Watch the new episode of A Safe Place Podcast up top.

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