Kehlani Reveals How Her Daughter's Father Reacted to News of Her Coming Out as Lesbian

Kehlani discusses how her daughter's father reacted to news of the singer being a lesbian, discussing how he was 'super super super supportive.'


Image via Getty/Phillip Faraone


While Kehlani has identified as queer, bisexual, and nonbinary for some time, she recently revealed that she now identifies as a lesbian.

The singer discussed their sexual orientation in a new Facebook Watch special, called Pride On! Kehlani & Larray’s Excellent Pride Ride, and how her ex and baby’s father, Javaughn Young-White, responded to the revelation.

“I have a two-year-old daughter…She’s the best. Me and her dad are like really, really close friends, and the decision to start a family was really easy for us because we both believed in each other’s ability to be good parents,” she said. “We just focus on being a team, honestly, and when I was able to tell him, like, I’ve come to newer terms with my sexuality and he’s super super super supportive.”

Kehlani also discussed how she and Young-White normalize other parental relationships in addition to “mom and dad.” She explained, “Like usually where people would bring up ‘mom and dad,’ we also say ‘mom and mom’ and ‘dad and dad.’”

Kehlani first opened up about her sexuality in an Instagram Live session with her friend in early April, saying, “Wanna know what’s new about me?” They continued, “I finally know I’m a lesbian.” A couple weeks later, she also discussed her orientation in a TikTok video, saying, “I am gay gay gay gay gay.”

She also said her family wasn’t surprised by the announcement. “When I want to have a heart to heart with my family, and be like, ‘I finally know that I’m gay,’ they’re like, ‘We know, duh… stupid’, I just feel like, ‘No…, I want you [to] fall on the floor and [say], ‘Congratulations, we had no idea! S**t!’” they explained.

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