Joyner Lucas Confesses His Beef With Logic Was Due to Jealousy

In a new interview with 'The Breakfast Club,' Joyner Lucas admits that his beef with Logic began because he was jealous of the Maryland rapper.

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Last year, Joyner Lucas and Logic put aside their differences and released the song “ISIS,” much to their fans’ surprise. Now, Lucas has revealed that the core of his beef with Logic was jealousy.

“Honestly, it was very strange. It really was. I think I was jealous of him,” Lucas told The Breakfast Club on Thursday. “The reason why I say that is because I felt like where he was at at that time was where I wanted to be so much. Like damn, I wish I was here, you know what I mean? I had called that man because I had an epiphany, right? I had got to a certain place in which people started expecting things of me and people started just, expecting that I just do shit. People I didn't really know like that. And I lost a lot of people and it clicked.”

Lucas said he finally understood the position that Logic is in. “I know how it feels and it sucks,” Lucas continued. He then reached out to Royce Da 5'9" to connect him to Logic because Lucas needed to clear the air. “As soon as he picked up I was like, ‘Look, don't even say nothing. I just want to tell you I apologize bruh. I'm going through some sh*t right now and I understand the reason why you felt how you felt.’”

That's when Lucas spilled the beans to Logic. “I told him, straight up, I felt like at that time I was jealousy,” Lucas explained. “You was doing everything I wanted to do. You're dope. You're lyrical. You was ripping down tours and you had all these relationships with artists that I loved and respected. I really idolized you and I didn't even realize how much I did.”

According to Lucas, Logic said he was speechless and tearing up because the apology was so genuine. Lucas said his animosity toward Logic was inexcusable and he had to grow in order to realize it.

Lucas talked about his past issues with Logic back in 2017. “I think he can rap. But I feel like he tries to prove that he’s black too much for me,” he said on Everyday Struggle. “It just seems like all his bars are just like, every other bar, every other song is ‘I’m black. Oh, I’m half-black and half-white.’ That’s cool, that’s who you are, it’s just too repetitive for me.”

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