Jasmine Guy Tearfully Recalls 2Pac Telling Her ‘He Wasn't Gonna Make It Past 25’

The actress met Shakur on the set of the sitcom, 'A Different World.'

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Jasmine Guy opened up about a conversation she had with 2Pac.

The actress shared the story on The Breakfast Club, telling the hosts that she saw the rapper at his mother, Afeni Shakur’s home in Stone Mountain, Georgia after his prison stint in October 1995.

“I hadn’t seen him for a while,” she says in the video below. “He was like, ‘I’m strong now’ because he was infirmed so he wanted me to see his little prison push-up muscles, knuckles were all black,’” she added. “I was like, ‘Yeah, you look good,’ and then he went out with his friends. I hung out with Afeni.”

Jasmine Guy breaks down in tears while recalling her efforts to help Tupac transition to the next part of his life, and says Tupac told her he wasn't going to make it past 25 years old.

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2Pac was fatally shot the following year, in September 1996 in Las Vegas. He was also involved in a shooting and robbery at Quad Studios in New York City in November 1994, where he suffered five gunshot wounds. He ended up recuperating at Guy’s home in New York.

“The thing that really hurt my feelings about him getting shot like that [in Vegas]. When he was with me, I thought I was helping him go to the next part of his life,” an emotional Guy said when recalling 2Pac staying with her.

“I was like, ‘You gonna go to prison and then get shot again?’ and I knew that second shooting … the wounds he had the first time were in his appendages, not in his lungs. I was so disappointed,” Guy said, crying.

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“And he told me he wasn’t gonna make it past 25. I always just thought he was talking shit all the time. ‘That’s legend, put that in the book.’ I was like, ‘N***a, I’m not writing a book about you," Guy added. "Stop telling me that.’ I’d be like, ‘I’m never telling anybody anything about this experience.’ … And he kept telling me—he was like 21—and I really didn’t understand that world. He knew I wasn’t from it. I thought it was ridiculous for him to say he wasn’t gonna live past 25. … so that hurt.”

Shakur died at the age of 25. Guy recently discussed 2Pac staying with her after the New York shooting. He left the hospital soon after his surgery because he didn’t feel safe. 

"He felt like a sitting duck,” she told People. “And because I had a low profile and they didn't know we were friends... It kinda felt like The Diary of Anne Frank because I couldn't tell anybody that he was there."

Guy and 2Pac met when he guest starred on the sitcom, A Different World, which she and Jada Pinkett Smith also starred in—and the three would often hang out.

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