G Herbo Says He'll 'Slap the Sh*t Out of' Trolls Who Stress Out Taina Williams During Her Pregnancy

Following G Herbo and Taina Williams' confirmation that they have a baby on the way, the rapper said trolls who try to stress her out are getting slapped.

herbo pregnancy trolls

Image via Getty/Prince Williams

herbo pregnancy trolls

In early December, reports began circulating that G Herbo and his fiancée Taina Williams were expecting their first child together, which surfaced during a court hearing for the rapper’s federal fraud case.

Now, the couple has confirmed the news. Herbo and Williams both took to Instagram to share photos and video from a pregnancy shoot, with Herbo writing, “Gotta be 1 of God’s favorite cuz my life just keep getting better!! As long as my lessons bring more blessings I’m str8 4 ever. Happy New Year!

The Chicago native also had a message for anyone who tries to troll his wife-to-be: “Y’all see my woman pregnant, so y’all trying to stress her out. I catch one of y’all trolls out in traffic, I’ma slap the shit out of y’all, aight?” he said. “All that comments, all that Instagram trolling. 2021 we ain’t having none of that.

He continued, “I was being nice 2019, 2020. We slapping the shit out trolls all from now on aight. We ain’t being friendly, none of that cool shit. Sue me, aight. That shit ends, just sue me. We gonna go to court, ima drag that shit out… I catch a motherfucker tryna stress wifey out with all this little Instagram shit ... we slapping the shit out of you aight, plain and simple. Happy New Year.”

Taina also posted a video from the pregnancy shoot.

Their previously reported pregnancy came into play in Herbo’s fraud case when his attorney told the judge that Williams is four months pregnant with Herbo’s child. The lawyer asked the court to permit the 25-year-old to travel to New Jersey to see Williams and their unborn baby. The judge authorized the request.

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