Finesse2tymes Blasted for Giving the Same Verse to Two Rappers

So you're saying he finessed the same verse...two times?

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Finesse2tymes is living up to his name, once again.

On Jan. 9, the Baton Rouge, Louisiana rapper TG Kommas blasted Finesse on Instagram, claiming that Finesse gave him and Englewood, California rapper Fastmoney Ant the same feature verse.

"Do not spend your money with these bitch ass n***as, mane, because they will do some funky bitch ass shit, and then act like they so busy," TG said.

He then shared Finesse’s verse from both songs, first playing his own track “Can’t Pay For It,” which dropped in September, and then Ant’s “All I Want,” which arrived in November.

"You one-verse having ass, bitch ass n***a," TG added. He revealed that he talked to Finesse2tymes, who said he would rectify the situation but didn’t end up doing anything. “At first I was like, maybe he was loaded and made a mistake and redid my shit. No. You bitch ass n***a, you wasn't loaded. You changed one line on that bitch."

Both TG and Ant shot videos with Finesse for their songs. In both, Finesse can be heard rapping, "Fitted cap to the left, .223 on my lap on the way to the track/Advil bottle full of Percocet and a backpack full of pack/Backwood hanging, Hi-Tec drankin'/Big playa, I'm up in the ranking. Me and pops just reunited and we both fresh out the penitentiary."

This isn’t the first time Finesse2tymes has come under fire for scamming. Last May, the Memphis native was accused of having his brother perform for him at a show in Huntsville, Alabama.

Footage from the concert shows someone of a similar build, wearing a balaclava mask and the rapper’s jewelry performing his songs on stage—but many thought it wasn’t Finesse.

He later addressed the incident via his IG Stories, saying, “Just before anybody do anything. Just in case they post. I’m out here, in the city,” he said in the clip. “I’m at the Spring Hill Suites. Just in case a n***a say I didn’t pull up to they city. I came.”

This isn't the first time in hip-hop history where an MC has doubled down on a verse, either. Melle Mel, for example, repeated a verse on the famous track “The Message” after he'd already put it on "Superappin’" by Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five.

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