Listen to Dua Lipa's New Album 'Future Nostalgia'

'Future Nostalgia' is Dua Lipa's sophomore effort.

Dua Lipa

Image via Warner

Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa has released her sophomore album Future Nostalgia.

The project includes her hit singles “Don’t Start Now” and “Physical.” In advance of the album’s release, the singer also dropped the video for the album cut “Break My Heart.”

Lipa joined Apple Music to discuss the project a bit further. “I've been working on it for two years, but for the first year I was still on the road and I was still trying to figure out exactly where I wanted to go with the record,” she said. “I was in the studio writing and then it was really kind of the last nine months honing it in and just sessions every day and just trying to finish it up.”

She continued, “I'm just so happy with the response. And I actually can't believe how much people like ‘Physical'. Not because obviously I don't believe in the song, like I love the song and it's my baby, but I also felt like it was a bit like Marmite because it's so in your face. I didn't think everybody would be into it.”

Stream Future Nostalgia below via Spotify or on Apple Music.

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