Doja Cat Shares New Video "Demons" f/ Christina Ricci

"Demons" will appear on Doja Cat's album 'Scarlet,' alongside her singles "Paint the Town Red" and "Attention."

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Doja Cat’s new song and accompanying video for “Demons” have arrived.

Directed by Doja and Christian Breslauer, and starring herself and Christina Ricci, the visual sees Doja portraying a sort of supernatural being that finds its way into a woman’s home. The demonic entity is seen in all-black with red eyes, dripped out in diamond-encrusted jewels.

Doja is seen as the demon in the single’s artwork.

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The track will appear on the Planet Her artist’s forthcoming album Scarlet, which will also include the previously released “Paint the Town Red” and “Attention.”

“Demons” comes alongside the reveal of Doja’s new artwork for Scarlet. Her original cover became a topic of discussion for resembling metal band Chaver’s upcoming album Of Gloom. Both Doja and Chaver tapped the same artist, Dusty Ray, to create their covers. Instead of Scarlet featuring one spider like Chaver’s, Doja Cat’s new artwork shows a pair of arachnids with a different color scheme.

Watch her video for “Demons” up top, and stream the song on Spotify or Apple Music.

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