Doja Cat Drops “Attention” Single and Video Referencing Nicki Minaj Comparisons

The Grammy-winning artist dropped the track and its official video as she builds toward her fourth studio album.

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A new Doja Cat era has commenced.

At midnight Friday, the rapper/singer came through with her much-anticipated single “Attention” and its official video.

Doja began teasing the song back in April, when she included the title on a tentative tracklist for her upcoming project. She would preview the cut a few weeks later, but kept release details under wraps—that is, until earlier this week, when she revealed the cover art, video teaser, and fast-approaching drop date.

“Attention” finds Doja addressing her status in the game, online hate, her new look, and paying respect to those who guided her. She also name-drops Nicki Minaj in the second verse, rapping, “Just let me flex, bruh, just let me pop shit?/'Why she think she Nicki M? She think she hot shit'/I never gave a F, go stir the pot, bitch/I got your head all in the dirt just like a ostrich."

The song marks Doja’s first proper release in 2023, following her 2022 “Vegas” record for the Elvissoundtrack. “Attention” is expected to land on Doja’s next full-length project, which will reportedly stray from her signature pop sound.

The Grammy winner addressed the genre shift in a series of April tweets, after some commentators dismissed her rapping abilities.

“No more pop…I’m definitely a rapper,” she wrote.

“I also agree with everyone who said the majority of my rap verses are mid and corny. I know they are,” she said in a since-deleted tweet. “I wasnt trying to prove anything I just enjoy making music but I’m getting tired of hearing yall say that I can’t so I will.”

Doja Cat has not announced a release date for her album. You can stream “Attention” below, and watch the music video up top.

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