6ix9ine Sued by Texas Production Group for Allegedly Copying Their Song to Make "Gooba"

Texas-based production group Beatdemons say 6ix9ine copied their song "Regular" to create his hit song and first post-prison release, "Gooba."

6ix9ine lawsuit

Image via Getty/Shareif Ziyadat

6ix9ine lawsuit

6ix9ine is facing another lawsuit, this time from Texas-based production group Beatdemons, who say the Brooklyn rapper’s hit record “Gooba” is a copy of their song “Regular.”

Per TMZ , the suit claims the two songs are uncannily similar, from the melody to form, structure, and function. Beatdemons say they released “Regular” in 2018, with its video amassing over 160,000 views. They think Tekashi or someone from his team heard the track and ended up making a carbon copy of it with “Gooba.”

They’re seeking profits from “Gooba,” which could be quite a bit of money considering the song—which was 6ix9ine’s first post-prison release—went platinum, has nearly 700 million views on YouTube, and landed the No. 1 spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 upon its debut.

“The lawsuit is without merit and is another attempt to profit off of Tekashi’s success,” 6ix9ime’s attorney, Lance Lazzaro, told TMZ. “We are confident that it will be dismissed.”

It’s the latest in a string of legal trouble for 6ix9ine. He was also hit with a complaint from a Los Angeles security company that alleges the rapper never paid for his protection. They’re seeking $75,000, which accounts for services rendered, and an additional $13,000 for legal and late fees. 

In late February, 6ix9ine also found himself at the center of a lawsuit involving a stripper in Miami who alleged that the rapper hit her on the head with a champagne bottle. She says though the bottle was aimed at someone else who called 6ix9ine a snitch, he missed and struck her instead. 

“There are video cameras in the establishment. It’s an attempt to shake him down,” his lawyer said of the incident. “If he is served properly, we will immediately move to have it dismissed.”

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