Things have been (blissfully, wonderfully) quiet on the 6ix9ine front in recent months. The rapper-turned-songbird made one unsuccessful post-lockup attempt to regain his mainstream footing but faceplanted. The near-constant headlines seemed to fall away as Tekashi himself took a break from the spotlight. Like his instantly recognizable tats, 6ix9ine’s alleged misdeeds don’t just go away, however. The rapper has found himself at the center of several lawsuits, including a just-filed complaint from a Los Angeles security company who claims the rapper failed to pay for their protection. 

TMZ reports that the security company Metropolitan Patrol is suing 6ix9ine. The company claims that they provided the rapper with round-the-clock armed protection during a visit to Los Angeles in 2018. They billed the rapper at $85/hour in the daytime and $127.50/hour overnight. That was enough for three guards to be around the rapper at all times. The company says they are owed $75K for the service, pushing that number up to $88K with all their legal and late fees accounted for. Tekashi’s attorney called the suit “meritless.”

It’s the second lawsuit that Tekashi has been hit with in the last week. A stripper in Miami named Alexis Salaberrios is suing the rapper for allegedly hitting her with a champagne bottle. In that suit, the dancer claims that Tekashi took up the bottle after someone in the club accused him of being a snitch. She says he missed his intended target and hit her instead. Tekashi’s lawyer Lance Lazzaro told TMZ that the lawsuit was a shoddy shakedown. 

“There are video cameras in the establishment. It’s an attempt to shake him down,” he said.  If he is served properly, we will immediately move to have it dismissed.”